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Norma A. Boge

HALOS Clear Tactile Microwave Stickers

Item #: 461115

Price: $8.45

These clear tactile self-adhesive stickers are shaped to identify the function of various buttons on your microwave oven

These stickers are designed so that Blind or visually impaired individuals can feel the most regularly used buttons on their appliances. For example: the

start icon is a triangle shape, stop/cancel is an X shape, defrost is a water droplet shape, and power level is a stair step shape.

HALOS stands for Home Appliance Labeling and Overlay System. It is a system of shapes that represent different appliance controls such as start and stop.

These tactile icon stickers adhere to your touch surface appliances so you can identify the location AND function of the buttons by touch.




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I posted a question on the product page of the microwave that I am interested in.  A customer replied saying that the membrane is flat.  However, I will phone Amazon’s Disability number tomorrow morning and double check.  And, maybe they will find what I need.


Now, I have a new query. What options are available for marking a smooth touchpad?  I would rather pay for a quality product that will stay on the touchpad than buy something that will just make a sticky mess.


Do any of you have any suggestions?




James B


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Hi Group,

Adding to what aply and Gerald have said: after you find the Panasonic model (or whatever other model) fits your needs, you can call the Amazon disability line to make sure you're getting what you want. They are very helpful there and if you ask them to describe any graphics or pictures concerning any device of appliance, they are more than happy to do so.

If you need the disability line phone number, the number is:

On 11/10/2019 6:57 AM, Gerald Levy via Groups.Io wrote:


If you want another large capacity microwave with inverter technology, then your only choice would be a Panasonic model.  I suggest searching on Amazon for a Panasonic model with inverter technology that is the same size as your current unit.  There's a good chance that it will have the same or similar tacile keypad.  Then once you find a model you're interested in, download its instruction manual, which may describe the keypad in more detail so that you can determine whether it has the same tactile features as your current microwave.  I am not aware of any other brands whose microwaves have tactile markings on the keypad; they all have standard, flat membrane keypads that would have to be labeled with tactile markers to make them accessible.  And only Panasonic makes microwaves with inverter technology, which is a proprietary technology unique to Panasonic , although other brands may offer models with a similar technology that do not have tactile keypads.  The Amazon Basics microwave that is controllable with an Echo device is only 0.7 cubic feet in capacity and would probably be too small and underpowered for your needs.





On 11/10/2019 6:09 AM, Ashley Breger via Groups.Io wrote:

If you have an Amazon echo device than the Amazon basics microwave would probably be a good choice. You can set up an ask Alexa button which will allow you to control the microwave through Voice.

Hope this helps,




Ashley Breger


On Nov 10, 2019, at 2:48 AM, James Bentley <bentleyj1952@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,


My stupid microwave just stopped working.  Its almost 6 years old but I didn’t need another strain on my budget quite right now.


What I had was a Panasonic 2.2 cubit foot oven with inverter technology.


It had raised lines on the touch pad so I was able to use it without sight or sticky tabs.  Or, what ever you call those things.  I never have liked braille dots or sticky stuff on a microwave because it just eventually comes off  And I think it looks tacky.


So, does anyone know of a microwave, preferably from Amazon that has lines or bumps or buttons so I can use it.  Something around 1.6 to 2.2 cubit feet.  The inverter technology is awesome so I will go for that again.


I will be extremely grateful if someone knows where I might find what I want.


Maybe some of you already have a microwave with buttons or lines on the control panel.  If so, please find out the brand and model.


Many thanks,


James B




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