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Maybe I am missing the important facts of this thread, but, I don't understand why having an email program is a problem for you. I agree with you about using webmail: I won't use it either!
I prefer doing all of my email, including gmail, from my iPhone, personally, and never have to put in a password.

Diane Bomar
On Nov 12, 2019, at 16:27, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:
I just won't do it! I did it a long time ago when I was at a different computer other than mine, and I had to get to my email. But I'm used to an email program. My ex-sister-in-law didn't know what I was talking about when I said I didn't use the web and also have to always put in my password and all that jazz. She didn't know what an email program was. But then, she is one of those sighted computer users who just points and shoots and doesn't know really what she is doing. That was apparent when I bought her a computer and she did something to ruin it. They sent her a replacement, and she ruined that. I thought I was doing something nice for her, getting her a Christmas present. Pam.

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I just hate having to do any emailing on the web.

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Chief Nimer wrote:

"Port is 587. If that doesn't work, try 465. You need to
enable Pop and the allow insecure apps to run both from

Thanks sir. I did turn on the Less Secure thingie, ran a
test and got the necessary confirmations. I had created a
GMail folder as the repository for anything GMail. I would
like for all mails sent to my GMail address go to the GMail
Folder. This is necessary because I am working and
collaborating on a project and I don't want the E-mail
exchanges getting lost in my current busy InBox!

And yes, POP3's just fine for the time being! It looks like
I'd have to set up some rule parameters, but an extra
pointer will be graciously appreciated.

I did try reading the E-mails on the web; I do in fact have
my interface set to Basic View; for reasons my foggy brain
can't shake a stick at, Web-based E-mail has never been a
firm terrace and turf for me. Much thanks!

Denver, Colorado

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