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Howard Traxler

Kay, we bought the "littermaid" box, maybe ten or twelve years ago.  I think we paid about $120 for it.  It has some kind of photo sensor that (is supposed to) set the machine in motion about ten minutes after the cat finishes and leaves.  A motor-driven rake goes through the litter and pushes the clumps into a covered recepticle.  The automated part worked for a few months.

We now take advantage of the fact that, when the power turns on, the rake does its thing; so we power it from a timer that turns on and runs the device once-a-day.  So, clumps can build up in there; we have only two cats.

Biggest disadvantage for me is that the litter goes directly into the plastic tray--no tray liner to lift and dispose.  When it's time to clean the box, the mechanism and box are separated and the used litter is dumped and the box washed before new litter is applied.

We have two other plane old boxes into which we place a double liner of plastic trash bags.  Most cleaning times require that we remove and dispose of the inner liner, then replace it and apply litter.  Total washing of the box is not required as often as with the littermaid.

We have no hungry dogs.

Good luck


On 11/13/2019 9:19 AM, Kay Malmquist wrote:
Well, I hope this would be considered on topic.  It is sort of tech related.  I have three cats.  There are 3 litter boxes around my house.  I have a guide dog that thinks what the cats deposit is for her dining pleasure.  I could put a kid gate in the doorway of the room that she has decided to raid, and it could be up high enough that the cats could come and go as they like, but not the dog, but I really don't want a kid gate in the way of the door way even if it opens like another door.  So, now for the question.  Self-cleaning litter boxes.  I have researched them and just got more confused.  I figure that if it cleans after the cat goes, there will be nothing for her to munch on.  But the problem is, what is the best way to go?  I know they are expensive but I would buy one and see how they like it and then maybe buy more.  Do any of you have any experience with these and what would be the best way to go?  Thanks for any help with this.
Kay Malmquist
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