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How to Start Windows 10 Without a Password

1. Open up your run dialogue by using the keystroke Windows+R.
2. Type exactly what's below and press enter.
3. User Account Settings opens. You find the box before. Users must enter a username and password to use this computer is checked. Uncheck this and hit Apply.
4. Automatically sign in password prompts. Write in your Password twice and press OK and that should honestly take care of it.

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I have done almost the same thing, as when my Win 10 System
automatically goes into Screen Saver, or Power Saver Mode for not
touching a Key for a length of time.

Can you just repeat the same Command? Something like a Toggle Command?

On mine, I need to Tab around to a Password Screen, and re-enter it.

I have accidentally, Tabbed around to Lock Screen and then Press the
Enter key.

Yes, Folks, I am one of those Brilliant Blind folks who are actually, at
times, Quite Unbelievably UnBrilliant. Well, make that Most of the time.

However, after choosing to Lock Screen I think I only had to choose Lock
Screen again, and then once again, type in my password.

I know I breathed a Huge and Greatful Sigh of Relief when I was able to
continue operating my System.

Grumpy Dave

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