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Guessing based upon on how things are spelled within the subject field
anyway, you are actually talking about Winamp the media player (which is one
word) and you enqueueing additional files, folders etc within your playlist,

Creating Playlists using Winamp or in this case, just enqueuer files and or
folders within Winamp for one to play.

This has already been answered, but for convenience just answering it again
(there are several different ways of doing most things on computers). This
process has worked with XP, 7, 8 and 10.

1. Open up Winamp.
2. Within the Winamp Playlist Editor tab we'll call it (Alt+E) which is
where you have all of your chosen tracks. To choose individual tracks to add
to this list, just highlight/select whatever tracks on your machine or other
drives that you are wanting to add to the playlist, use your applications
key (Shift+F10)
3. Then press E for Enqueue in Winamp (or just arrow down to it). Do this
with whatever tracks, albums, folders that have anything you are wanting to
add to the playlist that you are interested in creating.
4. After you have all that you selectively choose to have, simply press X
for play, but you do not need to wait before you have everything chosen to
begin playing whatever it is within your playlist. You can press play at
anytime, and add additional files and or folders at anytime as well.

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Good afternoon, I am trying to queue up music on my Windows 10 machine in
win app. I am having issues, it is not giving me the option to queue up in
win a.m. with the application key. I can only upload folders to win app
through win app. Any help or suggestions would be

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