Re: 7zip in win 10

Monte Single

Yes, I’m smiling too; most of the time.  But not at this un7zip minute.

Whether I use the aps key or shift plus f10, 7zip is not a choice.  That’s my problem.  7zip does not show in the options.

As  two other listers suggested, I’ll make sure I have the 64-bit version installed.




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Highlight whichever archive file, and using your Applications key (Shift+F10), try hitting 7 which should take you right to 7Zip. Just tell 7Zip what to do, extract here… etc.


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Subject: [TechTalk] 7zip in win 10


Hi List,


I’m using the current nvda and win10 1903.

I download and install 7zip; it is on the taskbar.

When I open the aps menu on a zipped   folder, neither 7zip or its submenu are in the available choices.

I know I need to do something to associate 7zip with zipped folders, I do not know how to do this.

In win xp, 7 and 8x this association happened automaticly with the 7zip installation.

I tried removing 7zip and reinstalling, but no joy.






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