Re: Windows Tablets with Screen Readers

Josh Kennedy

I bought an RCA cambio tablet laptop hybrid with 32gigs storage, intel atom quad core processor and 2gigs of ram with windows10 32bit installed onto it. It works ok. About the only games it will play good are the Jim Kitchen's games, quenton c's playroom, and rs-games. But those are good enough. I use it as my primary computer until I can afford a new laptop. It works both with NVDA and with jaws, works very good with both of those. When using jaws with the touch screen, it is similar to using iOS. Jaws even has the rotor like iOS does on my latest iPod touch. Sometimes the tablet can be slow when loading websites or if you try to do more than 2 things at a time. You can do audio editing and convert videos but it is really slow. I also recommend adding a micro-sd-card to expand the tablet's storage. I have a 128gb micro-sd card installed into mine. My RCA cambio cost me around $99 on amazon. It has windows 10 home. 
When I get a new laptop I found out I can save money. I found a laptop with 256gb solid state drive, windows 10 in s mode which I can switch to windows 10 home when i get it. It has 8gigs of ram and an AMD a12 3.6ghz processor in it. And it is windows 10 64bit. I found that one for around $350 on amazon.


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