Re: Freedom Scientific is being bought out.

Pamela Dominguez

Kurzweil, from what I understand, is one company that doesn't make you pay for cumulative upgrades. You pay one price, no matter how many upgrades you have skipped. I remember Jaws 4.0. I had that, then I had 8.0 in a computer I bought from somebody, but it stopped working. I also used another version of Jaws in a computer where I was volunteering. Pam.

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Hi Ann:

I could not agree more! The last time I had Jaws, it was version 4.0! Does
anyone remember that one? Now I am dating myself, yikes!

Why Jaws 4.0? Well, I was working for Adams Mark Hotel here in my bush;
their operating system was Windows NT--where have I been and what's that?
At that time, my preferred screen reader, Window-Eyes, won't SHAKE A STICK
at Windows NT and I needed a job.

Ok, now I want to upgrade Jaws today to Version 17xx, where my xx equals
latest version! Aha, here comes the BIG STICK! Got to pay for a cumulative
upgrade ... What a rip off indeed!

I'm learning to use Quickbooks. If I skip an upgrade in the morning and
wait till 2020, all I'll ever pay for is the newest upgrade available in the
year indicated.

Anyway, dear sis, don't blame Jaws or Freedom Scientific! The Window-Eyes
folks DO THE EXACT same thing. The only difference is that, once upon a
time, they'll let you pay for it in bits and pieces until it's fully paid
for. Furthermore, they don't PUSH UPGRADES that fast. In all these years,
they're just at 9.2 even with the so-called merger, and it works with

Denver, Colorado

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