Re: Trouble finding specific products online

James Bentley


Consider leaving out the model number. Then you can browse what comes up.
How many models of the waterpik can there be.

Another method is to just type in the brand name and model in the Google
search field. For example:
WaterPik model xxxxxxx at Walmart

In addition, Walmart's web site isn't as user friendly as Amazon's. At
least for me. Plus, Walmart is the worlds worst about tinkering with their
web site.

Is shopping at Amazon an option? Amazon almost always has more products and
usually with lower prices.


James B

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It seems that when I'm looking for a product on a store's website with its
specific info like model with its numbers associated with it, I don't
always see it. Recently I got a recommendation for a waterpik plus
toothbrush from Wal-mart online. So I went to Walmart to locate it. So far
I haven't seen it there. Anybody have a suggestion as to why this can
happen, that the info doesn't appear at the top of the search results? Is
it possible that on the very same day I got the tip, it wasn't there


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