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Amy Gordon

Sorry I plan to carry it some but wont be all the time or anything so
not really worried about how light it is but I do want a number pad
definately. One that has long battery life as possable as well.

On 11/22/19, Gene <> wrote:
You don't need a powerful computer. But you haven't said anything about
things like if you want a lighter computer or a heavier one. are you going
to carry it around much or don't you plan to carry it enough so size and
weight matter much. Do you want a model with a numpad or don't you care
about that?

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Hi all I currently have a Dell laptop in which I have had trouble with
ever since I bought it about 5 years ago. It is getting worse so I
know there will be sales coming soon. I currently use Jaws on my
computer and mostly use it for internet tasks like email, taking
surveys, facebook etc. Was wondering what suggestions you have for a
new laptop as far as specs and best place to buy from? Thanks

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