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I haven’t priced laptops for a long time, but I doubt you need to spend more than 500 dollars, maybe less, especially if you find a good sale.  This is just a very rough guessand my 500 dollar limit may be too high. 
Depending on how much you want to spend, you may want to contact Computers for the Blind, which other list members can tell you more about.  I think you can get a refurbished laptop from them for something like 150 dollars.  It will have more than enough power to meet the needs you describe.  But whether you can specify such things as a numpad and what kind of battery life you can expect are things I don’t know.

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Sorry I plan to carry it some but wont be all the time or anything so
not really worried about how light it is but I do want a number pad
definately.  One that has long battery life as possable as well.

On 11/22/19, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> You don't need a powerful computer.  But you haven't said anything about
> things like if you want a lighter computer or a heavier one.  are you going
> to carry it around much or don't you plan to carry it enough so size and
> weight matter much.  Do you want a model with a numpad or don't you care
> about that?
> Gene
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> Hi all I currently have a Dell laptop in which I have had trouble with
> ever since I bought it about 5 years ago.  It is getting worse so I
> know there will be sales coming soon.  I currently use Jaws on my
> computer and mostly use it for internet tasks like email, taking
> surveys, facebook etc.  Was wondering what suggestions you have for a
> new laptop as far as specs and best place to buy from?  Thanks
> Amy

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