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Gerald Levy

I can attest from personal experience that Computers for the Blind stands behind the refurbished desktops and laptops they sell.  I purchased a Windows 10 desktop from them in May, and I had to return it to them two months later for repair because the hard drive died unexpectedly.  They replaced it and returned it to me at no cost, although it took a few weeks.  I am currently using the Windows 7 desktop I purchased from them three years ago, and it has worked flawlessly.  I was able to install JAWS 2019 on this Windows 7 machine using the one-year license that came withthe the Windows 10 machine.  A one-year JAWS license can be used on up to three computers.  You can now purchase your computer directly over the phone and pay by credit or debit card.  A complete Windows 10 Pro desktop system, with a one year license for JAWS 2020, 4 gb of RAM and 160 gb hard drive, keyboard, mouse and 19 inch flat panel monitor  costs $140.  You can upgrade with additional RAM and larger hard drive at extra cost.  The JAWS license alone would cost $90.  For more info:



On 11/22/2019 5:23 PM, James Bentley wrote:
Be careful purchasing a refurbished PC from any one including Amazon. I
looked very long and very hard at Amazon certified laptops before I decided
I wasn't willing to take a chance on a refurbished laptop.

Amazon claims that these laptops are carefully examined for cosmetic damage.
Amazon also claims that they thoroughly clean up and test all laptops before
they can receive certification. There were many reviews that reported such
problems as finger prints, dirt, scratches and dents. Several laptops had
been returned from a large company where they had been used for 4 years
before the company decided to trade them in for new laptops. Some reviewers
reported that they received laptops with dead batteries that would not hold
a charge. One reviewer reported that his laptop came from a company who
turned Bluetooth support off in the BIOS for security reasons. Turning that
back on is impossible for a blind user without sighted assistance. There
were several other problems. Again, with Amazon certified laptops. To be
fair, Amazon has a very good reputation for honoring their Recertified PC's
but, who wants to have to box up their PC and ship it back to Amazon. And,
then wait for another PC?

If you want to save a lot of cash, Computers for the Blind has an extremely
good reputation for providing decent desktop and laptops for around $150,
Their PC's come with a legal copy of Jaws and they are reported to stand
behind their PC's. And, the last that I heard, you can request a laptop
with a number pad.,

I do not have their number handy right now but, if you want, many listers on
this list will give it to you.

But, if laying out $500, cash isn't a hassle, I would go for a new laptop.
Maybe a Black Friday sale next week.

And, of course, all of this information is only my personal opinion.
Obviously, others here on this list have had great luck with refurbished

Good luck on finding what you want,

James B

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Amy, some swear by HP, others Dell! But as for me, I don't know anymore
<smile;> shame on me, that's not too helpful?

I suggest you try figuring out what you need in a laptop; once you have this
down as best you can, searching things out might be a tad easier.

Personally, I never buy brand-new laptops anymore. I always look for
refurbished ones at giveaway prices. Example: Nearly 10 years ago, I
grabbed a Sony Vaio. Before I did, I always walked away from Sony toys
cause they're pricey. However, I grabbed what I currently have for $359
refurbished; original price was $899.95! It runs Windows7 64Bit
Professional and will still receive a Windows upgrade if I so choose. I
leave this toy on 24 hours a day, only turning it off when I am leaving town
for an extended period of time. It has never given me grief, its battery is
removable and replaceable solely by me. And, yes, I am hopping off to
Batteries Plus to grab a new battery for this toy, the first since I bought
it. But, Sony no longer manufacture computers of any kind anymore, mobile
technology has cut too deep into that space.

Today, most laptop batteries, even though they may be removable, are not
easy to get to without messing with a few screws. This is good for a
naughty child like me whose fingers never stop or quit tinkering!!

It's easy for me to determine what configurations I hold so dear; then I
frequent computer stores and spend considerable time playing with whatever
they have on display before finally zeroing in on one. I generally buy from
Microcenter; they like to sell me a two-year or three-year warranty, but I
don't ever want one!

For now, please consider taking a good look at It always seems
to have good price points for everyone.

Denver, Colorado

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