Re: Need info: Acquiring and reading a table in Open Book

Mike B

Hi Norma,
Try the following:
1. With Openbook 9 open press, Alt + g, to open Settings then down arrow to General and press enter, or just press the letter, G.
 2. Now, control + tab, to, Work Flow settings, and tab to, Workflow modify... button, and press the spacebar to open.
3. Control + tab, to the Process page.  Now tab several times to, Table processing organize by, and there are 2 radio buttons to choose from, Column or Row.
4. Tab to Okay, press the spacebar, now again tab to, Okay, and press enter.
5. Now, if you want to make this change permanent press, Alt + G, for settings and press enter on , Save the settings..., which you're probably familiar with.
Hope this is what looking for.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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Hi group,

I'm using Open Book 9 with Jaws and I am unable to locate where I can set OB
to process tables. I'm reading the user guide and something is just not
clicking for me. If someone could post how to do this, I would be very


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