Re: Accessible Windows 10 PE

Steve Matzura

Since seems to be no longer extant, I did some research into how to achieve the same goal but with current tools and technology. It seems that it's possible to make a Windows 10 preinstallation environment (PE) disk, turn on Narrator (or portable NVDA I suppose) and run external programs from that environment. Of course, these external programs of necessity must be portable versions unless they are built into the PE disk. You can read about how to make one of these at - If you are a Terabyte Unlimited Image for Windows user, explains how to create a WinRE disk that includes IFW.

On 11/24/2019 3:18 PM, DJ wrote:
Hello to all.

There are tasks which I need to do outside of a normal, working Windows 10 environment.  Does anyone know of an already built Win10PE which may already have NVDA on it similar to the Windows7 version I've used in the past when Carlos made it available?

Thank you.

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