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Dear All,
We, from Sao Mai  Center for the Blind would like to announce the release of the first Android music reader app for the blind. With its very unique features of drawing, playing and speaking, we hope that there will close the gaps between the sighted and the blind to read same music scores. More new features such as voice commands and Braille output will be developed in the near-future releases.
Here is the app link on Play Store:
Or, you can also go to Play Store, search for the app name “SM Music Reader” and install it.
Below is a brief introduction about this release:

SM Music Reader is a free Android app for everyone to read music pieces, developed by Sao Mai Center for the Blind. As a non-profit organization, Sao Mai Center relies entirely on our sponsored projects and financial aids from donors. Therefore, your contributions, in any manner, will more or less help us maintain and develop this app, as well as other useful tools for the blind. Read more about Sao Mai at:
SM Music Reader’s user interface is designed to be pretty simple, with the tabs to switch between different windows set on the top; right below those are the main contents of the active window and its customizing toolbars on the bottom. On the top right of the screen, there is a More Options button to access the main menu of the app.
SM Music Reader currently provides the following features:
•    Read music files written in MusicXML format,
•    Draw sheet music for exchanging scores among both sighted people and people with visual impairment at the same time,
•    Play MIDI files:
o    Navigate by part, by staff, and by highlighted passage,
o    Forward, rewind and automatically repeat,
o    Adjust tempo, metronome, volume and select instruments’ voices.
•    Support reading with screen readers:
o    View the whole part or selected staff,
o    Speak note by note and bar by bar,
o    Speak in order of by voice (horizontal) and by timestamp (vertically),
o    Speak most details of the score like directions, chords, nuances, slurs/ties, ornaments, fingerings/strings, lyrics, etc.
•    Navigate to a certain bar or line,
•    Manage your favorite lists and view the file’s details.
Please help us share this news to any persons of interest and looking forward to your feedbacks for our future improvements.
Many thanks and best regards,

Sao Mai Tech Team
Email: tech@...

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