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Its probably spam.  If you want to be sure, e-mail whomever it claims it is from, using an address you find by a Google search.  Don't use any links or e-mail addresses in the message.  I see no reason why a school or any such entity would approve you without you contacting them first, and phishing messages are continually more sophisticated.

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Has anyone heard of I just got an email indicating Cisco
Networking Academy had approved an activation for me, and
if true ok something i'd be interested in.

Several things make me nervous, first I didn't sign up for anything
like this. Second, the email was sent via Php mailer 5.x which ups my
worry factor maybe indicating a phishing atempt. If it is phishing it
is quite sophisticated, as DKIM and spf both passed, the domain
appears valid i.e. one can ping it and you get both a forward as well
as reverse dns, though a ping times out.

Has anyone seen this?


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