Re: accessible kindle



I do use the App for Kendal PC, and I find it to be a bit Flaky, but
still usable.

As for the Scrolling Speeds, can't help you with that question. I use
Scroll to end, at times, but mostly I read line by line, more because of
the nature of the Books I am reading.

One thing to warn you about, most books I have bought, and I've bought
about 25 so far.  Most will read fine with the Voice of your Screen
Reader.  However, I've bought about 4 or 5 Books that will not use the
Screen Reader voice, but some voice that Kendal uses, which is much less
understandable.  It works, and since it is your only voice choice, you
will make it work.

You may wish to call the Amazon handicap Desk to see if there is any
Notations added to the Books descriptions on the Amazon Web site to know
if the book will read with the Screen Reader Voice, or with the Kendal

I've been using the Kendal  PC for about a year now, and for what it
does, it works.  Could it be more Polished, Yes, it could be. Will out
be?  So far, that hasn't happened.  But, it is Free and it does allow
you to have access to most books.

And others experiences might be better than mine, or worse.

As for a Link to the Download, Sorry, But, you can do to the
web site and look for Kendal PC, you should find it.

Grumpy Dave

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