Re: Android on a pc revisited

Jaffar Sidek

Hello.  I did actually say i was going to put together a tutorial for installing android on a pc.  However, my research so far has not come up with any ready to use, Talkback android distributions for easy and accessible installation.  The best way for now to install Android on a pc is thrue Genux, an accessible Linux Distro.  Even then you will have to install Genux first, then install Android, and the process can be quite involved.  You could install Android via a virtual machine, but you would still need Sighted help to enable Talkback on your android installation.  I did come across a supposedly talkback Android Distro, but pressing the key combo to enable Talkback did not work at all, so i am assuming that some work still needs to be done on it.  Until a Talkback enabled Android distro is available, Installing Android directly on a pc is not feasible, unless you want to put in that extra mile.  I am trying to put a Talkback android Distro together, but I have not succeeded yet, and even if I did succeed, the Talkback source code currently available on github is very old and not in keeping with the latest release, so Simple and accessible android installation, as in a Narrator enabled windows installation for now is not yet achievable, unless you are acquainted with Linux.  However, my research is still on going, and I will keep you all informed as soon as I have better news. Cheers!

On 11/30/2019 12:49 AM, George McCoy wrote:
I know I have asked this question previously. I ask it again in hopes that new members may have an answer or old members may have run across information I don't have.

I am still seeking a way to run Android on an old pc I have lying around.  I don't want to run an emulator of something in a windows virtual machine.  Does anyone know of a way to run a native Android such as Android x86 with Talkback on a pc?  I have sighted assistance for the installation and setup.

We installed the latest version of Android x86.  We were able to install Talkback from the play store, but we don't get speech

I would be very grateful for any information on this topic.

Many thanks,


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