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Monica Jones

Joseph, you are right, I got WindowEyes after purchasing a subscription to Office 365. You do have to purchase Eloquence or some other voice. The only voice I can use with it is Anna and I don't like her much either because she sounds muffled to me.

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A recent development that may help is if one uses Eloquence from Code
Factory (which costs money, but it is way cheaper than say, JAWS Home).
Window-Eyes free offer comes with Espeak (one still needs to purchase
Eloquence package for Window-Eyes if I remember right).

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Hi all,

I sure wouldn't "like" NVDA unless I could change the Espeak voice that
comes with it. It's horrible, dreadful, and really takes away from the
initial impression of the screen reader. If she doesn't know how to get a
different voice for it, then she would sure as heck dump it. It might be
worth asking the lady why she doesn't like NVDA. That horrendous espeak
voice would be my first guess. Now, me, I went and got a different voice
and I like it. It's David I think, I disremember whose it is, but it's
workable. That Espeak excuse for a screen reader voice would start me
running the other way if I thought there was no other choice. Yuck! Sorry,
Joseph Lee, but you have to admit that Espeak voice is the pits!

Ann P.

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