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Monica Jones

Yes, they sure do have lots of good help if you are willing to take the time to look.

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Hi all,

How old is this lady? How recent is her blindness? Actually, the
manual for WE is pretty good. AISquared also offers many good
tutorials for newbies on its web site. They can be downloaded and
accessed on her computer.

Ann P.

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She hasn't joined any lists because she hasn't been able to use her email.
On 11/18/15, Quentin Christensen <quentin.christensen@...> wrote:
My book works with Window Eyes. It includes the Windows keystrokes for
everything it covers. It doesn't include Window Eyes specific
instruction so would work best if she is a little familiar with Window
eyes previously but it would certainly help and is only $20 AUD (which
works out to about $14 US I think currently).
Kind regards
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On 18/11/2015 10:50 PM, Amy Gordon wrote:
I have a friend who boughy a desktop computer with windows 10 and she
uses window eyes the free version with outlook express but she knows
nothing about windows 10 and hasn't ever used window eyes. Is there
any books on recording or someone that could help her learn this?
On 11/18/15, Matt <matt.from.florida@...> wrote:
You can do this if you are not doing a dual boot but if doing dual boot
will need sited help. You can use Carlos talking OS installer but just
case there you might still want to have sited help just in case.

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Since everyone seems to be upgrading to Windows Ten without sighted
assistance, I thought I might bite the bullet and try it too. I see an
option in my sys tray that says upgrade, but I’ve had some say to get
kind of tool from Microsoft in order to do it. Thanks for advice and/or
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