Re: Real techh problem

Byron Stephens

An external card will connect to your computer's usb port. Now be sure when you get one to install the included drivers that come with it. You will get a cd in the box.

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Gene, thanks for your response and could you give me a little info on the
externalUHB sound card as I am not familiar with external soundcards . Are
external soundcards a stand alone device?

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You can try removing the program and whatever driver is used. but without a
description of the problems, people have no idea if the problem is more
likely a software problem or perhaps a hardware problem, the card itself. I
have never tried to uninstall the program and I can't tell you how to
completely uninstall all traces of it. Depending on the problem, just
uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it or updating the driver might be
all that makies sense to do. All the rest may be irrelevant to the problem.

Also, it might be time to just stop using the Realtech built-in audio and
get an external USB sound card. But again, we can't discuss the problems
without knowing what they are.

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I am using Win 10, latest jaws and outlook 2019. I have been having
problems with real tech on this computer since I purchased it which was
about 18 months ago and I should returned it but I did not as I thought the
problem was in the settings. I have had different technicians work on this
problem but nothing has worked for long and everything seems to be patchwork
and works for a time. I want to completely unstall real tech, drivers etc
and do a complete new installation as if it were a new computer and start
over. I want no more patchwork or repairs as I have had enough. I would
appreciate any suggestions on removing real tech and installing new version.
Thanks much for any advice or help. I have three computers and the other 2
computers work fine with real tech.


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