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Fred Adams

Mike, thanks much for your response. No, the problem on this computer has
been going on for 18 months and since it was new. I have computer
technicians try to repair it but no luck. I called the Microsoft handicap
help and they made an attempt but no luck. I just want to uninstall and
start over again with a new version. Also, the external soundcard sounds
interesting. Right now jaws sounds like it is in abarrel. Adios for now

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Hi Fred,

Does this happen after a Windows 10 update? Windows is notorious for
removing the Realtek driver and replacing it with a Windows gineric driver,
thus causing various problems.

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I am using Win 10, latest jaws and outlook 2019. I have been having
problems with real tech on this computer since I purchased it which was
about 18 months ago and I should returned it but I did not as I thought the
problem was in the settings. I have had different technicians work on this
problem but nothing has worked for long and everything seems to be patchwork
and works for a time. I want to completely unstall real tech, drivers etc
and do a complete new installation as if it were a new computer and start
over. I want no more patchwork or repairs as I have had enough. I would
appreciate any suggestions on removing real tech and installing new version.
Thanks much for any advice or help. I have three computers and the other 2
computers work fine with real tech.


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