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Monte Single

Hi Troy,

Laz is the owner operator of the talking mp3 business. Give him a call or email anad I'm sure he'll help you.

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On the talking mp3 site it mentions the Victor reader as being something that can be made to work with a bluetooth transmitter/receiver so that's why I bought the Miccus. I might just have to call and find out why I haven't been successful so far if nobody on the list can give me any ideas.


On 12/2/2019 5:08 PM, Carolyn Arnold wrote:
I didn't know the Stream could pair. I just bought a Miccus last week too. The sound, using the cable is wonderful, isn't it?

I made the mistake of trying to pair it with my phone with my hearing aids on, because I need them, but they can pair. Tomorrow, since I've been busy all day today, I'll disconnect my hearing aids and get it paired, then re-pair my hearing aids to the phone.

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Subject: [TechTalk] the Victor reader stream and bluetooth

Hi all,

I have a second generation victor reader stream and I purchased the Miccus transmitter/receiver from last week so I can use a bluetooth headset with the victor reader.

I plugged the transmitter into the victor and turned on the headset which immediately said it was in pairing mode because it's new as well, purchased elsewhere, then I held the button on the transmitter for 8 seconds as the audio instructions told me to do, and near the end I heard the headset say connected but just a second or 2 later it disconnected again. Before I call for tech support I wanted to see if anybody might know what I'm doing wrong and why I can't get everything to work as it should, I suspect I'm not that far off getting it right.



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