Re: downloads in windows 10?

Mike B

Hi Aisha,
Try the following to set your download folder so it doesn't show the so called calendar for lack of a better term.
From: Chris via Groups.Io
This is because the group by option is enabled
If you deselect all files in the folder then do the equivalent of a right click and in the menu go to group by and in the sub menu choose none
That should do it
From: Mike B 
Put your downloads folder into, List or Details view, and also choose, None, from the Group By folder.  Below are shortcut keystrokes for changing view
settings, but you'll need to open the view menu to access the, Group By, folder to change it to, None.
CTRL + SHIFT + 1 Extra Large icons,
CTRL + SHIFT + 2 Large Icons,
CTRL + SHIFT + 3 Medium Icons,
CTRL + SHIFT + 4 Small Icons,
CTRL + SHIFT + 5 List view,
CTRL + SHIFT + 6 Details view,
CTRL + SHIFT + 7 Tiles view,
CTRL + SHIFT + 8 Content view.
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Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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I am just curious if their is a way in windows 10 where I can hide the
information when a file was downloaded

I know when I downloaded a file, I just need access to the file. not
anything like this was downloaded today, or last week, or what ever


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