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Since the message below the question is about the Realtech equalizer, it can't be assumed that the Winamp equalizer is being discussed. 
But the answer, whichever equalizer it is, is yes.  The Realtech equalizer must be accessible or Mike wouldn't have provided a means to get it.  That's what all equalizers do, adjust different frequency bands of sound so you can customize the sound as you wish.  Base and trebble controls are, in a way, very crude equalizers.  They adjust bass and trebble but not with anywhere near the fine control of equalizers, which have five bands, ten bands, and some may have more, I never checked.

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Yes, you can adjust the equalizer to your liking for bass which would be 1 and Q to adjust accordingly, and 0 and P for treble.


Use the following hot keys in the WinAmp Equalizer (for JAWS users):

To open/close the equalizer, press Alt+G.

To enable/disable the equalizer after it is opened, press N.

To toggle equalizer auto-loading, press A.

To open the presets menu, press S.


To increase the equalizer bands, press 1 through 0 on Numeric Row.

To decrease the equalizer bands, press Q through P.

To increase the equalizer  PreAmp, press GROV ACCENT.

To decrease the equalizer PreAmp, press TAB.


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Can I control the trebble and bass levels using the equalizer.  My bose Bluetooth has too much bass by itself.


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Below is the download link for the Realtek driver with equalizer I use when necessary to fix a Realtek soundcard problem if this problem pops up.  Read the instruction text file before attempting the executable.  If you don't follow the instructions you'll get an error message when trying to install.  I use this driver for both Windows 7 & 10 64 bit Pro systems.




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