Re: needing directions for Keurig classic

chris judge

It sounds like the machine I had several years ago. If I recall, you press the button directly behind the three buttons for the cup sizes, wait a few moments until it heats up, then put your pod in, don’t forget to place your cup, smile, press the size you want and you’re good to go. I can’t recall what the smaller button does.


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Sent: December 4, 2019 2:07 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] needing directions for Keurig classic


I am not sure if I have the 50 or 55 series, but it is the Keurig classic and has 3 buttons in the lower righthand corner.  These 3 buttons are the cup sizes, and right above them there's another button and further forward is another.  I don't know if what they're calling the brew button is the same as the power button, but this isn't a machine I'm used to yet and hopefully someone can tell me which of those 2 extra buttons I'll need and the order in which I start heating it, etc.  Someone gave us this machine and it probably isn't new, and the display isn't even displaying.  I can have sighted people look at that and maybe fix a menu, but I just don't know if I'm doing this right or maybe I'm not waiting long enough for warm-up.  Please help if you know about or use this model.




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