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It may be heresey to say so, but I’ve compared Realtech with two good external sound cards, both in the seventy dollar range about ten years ago.  I find Realtech audio superior.  I haven’t listened on good speakers but I have on good headphones.  And on the cheap speaker I listened on, I still liked Realtech better.  So, by all means, try other sound cards if you wish, but you may find that you agree with me.  I was curious about my findings and I found a post on an audio forum where someone else also said that on his headphones, Realtech sounds better than his external sound card.
That’s only two opinions but it shows that at least one other person agrees.

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Jeffar, If you are not using Real Tech now, what are you using if you do not
mind me asking?  I am thinking of trying something different from real tech
myself and so I am quite interested.

Thanks much,

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Hi.  I actually have the driver in question even though I am not using
RealTech anymore.  But I have kept it handy in case there is a need for it.
Here's the dropbox link:

If you face any problem installing or using it, just ask.  Cheers and Enjoy.

On 12/4/2019 7:24 PM, Smiling? wrote:

Smiles, you must have meant bass, not base and a pre-amp will adjust
one's levels to how far or how little one would need to turn up the actual
volume knob to get to the levels one would want. If you do not understand
it, it's best that you just don't mess with it, but if you want, play with
it all you want and just remember where it was prior to your messing with it
so you can return it to the very same levels if desired.

Haven't you ever seen and played with an actual equalizer before?
The potentiometers (the adjustable slides) on the left are for lower
frequencies (bass), the ones in the middle are  going to be for midrange
frequencies and the ones to the far right are for higher frequencies
(treble) and this is true for all equalizers, but how your individual ears
hear is going to be different than the rest of us. So adjust them to your
liking however that may turn out to be.

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Trebble and base, volume and separation I know.

What are extra/other bands?

What does a preamp do?



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Yes, you can adjust the equalizer to your liking for bass which
would be 1 and Q to adjust accordingly, and 0 and P for treble.

Use the following hot keys in the WinAmp Equalizer (for JAWS users):

To open/close the equalizer, press Alt+G.

To enable/disable the equalizer after it is opened, press N.

To toggle equalizer auto-loading, press A.

To open the presets menu, press S.

To increase the equalizer bands, press 1 through 0 on Numeric Row.

To decrease the equalizer bands, press Q through P.

To increase the equalizer  PreAmp, press GROV ACCENT.

To decrease the equalizer PreAmp, press TAB.

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Can I control the trebble and bass levels using the equalizer.  My
bose Bluetooth has too much bass by itself.

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Below is the download link for the Realtek driver with equalizer I
use when necessary to fix a Realtek soundcard problem if this problem pops
up.  Read the instruction text file before attempting the executable.  If
you don't follow the instructions you'll get an error message when trying to
install.  I use this driver for both Windows 7 & 10 64 bit Pro systems.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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