Re: Looking for list of basic Google Chrome commands

Peter Spitz

I forgot to Mention that I am using JAWS 2020 if that matters.

Thanks again,


On 12/6/19, Peter Spitz via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I just got a new Dell desktop pre-loaded with Windows 10 and Google
Chrome. I am used to using Internet Explorer but was told that it is
going away and I need to learn Chrome. I do not even know basic
commands and was hoping someone could post a list of the Chrome basic
key combinations.

For instance, how do I create a Favorite webpage? How do I then
access it? How do I enter a webpage address? With Internet Explorer
I just hit the Alt and A key and I get a list of my saved Favorites, I
then just scroll to the preferred webpage and enter on it, I would
like to be able to do that with Chrome. With Internet Explorer, I can
hit Control O and enter a web address, would like similar command for
Chrome. I also want to turn off auto-fill.

Thanks in advance,


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