Re: Keystroke for page up/down with NVDA

David Moore

That is what I do as well!

Great to see you on here Gene!

David Moore


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Others mayhave other suggestions, but one way, which would require two keystrokes may be the following:


I don't use the laptop layout, but I think this would work in either layout because you are bypassing NVDA altogether.


Issue the command NVDA function key 2.  That is the bypass command.  The next key you press is sent directly to the computer, bypassing NVDA.  So NVDA, function key 2 followed by page up or page down on the numpad should generate the commands you want. 



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Subject: [TechTalk] Keystroke for page up/down with NVDA


I am using a keyboard which has the full numpad but not a separate six
pack. It does have additional Home and end buttons. I use the laptop
layout so how can I get a keystroke for the page up or page down
functions? I have tried using the keyboard help to locate keys for these
but so far, no luck.

Thanks, Marie


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