Re: Free SMS Text To Email, Help Please

Mary Smith

Hi Mike, this site used to be very user friendly but like you, I have no way of viewing theĀ  captcha.

On 2019-12-08 2:10 p.m., Mike B wrote:
Hi All,

I'm trying to access the below website to get the SMS domain of a cellular
phone number. In the past the captcha was accessible and was just a simple
equation like, 7 + 4, and you would put the answer in the edit field to get
an SMS domain. Now there's a captcha, but it's not visible or readable to a
sighted person or screenreading program. I've tried with IE11, Chrome and
Waterfox using Jaws & NVDA. I had my sighted wife look for the
equation, but she could only see where the answer would go. Would someone
please check to see if the website below works correctly for you?

All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go Rams!
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