Re: Accessible cross platform recipe app/service for iOS and Windows

Leedy Diane Bomar

I use Paprika3. It runs on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. They recently had a 40% off sale, but, I think it only lasted till the end of November.

I love this app! It is very accessible, and has lots of features. One can easily share from any web page that contains a recipe, and Paprika3 will automatically copy the directions, ingredients, cooking time, etc. It is also easy to add your own recipes by simply typing them into the designated fields. One can categorize, and set up new and multiple categories. It is also easy to email recipes from the app.


 Diane Bomar

On Dec 8, 2019, at 23:14, Cristóbal <cristobalmuli@...> wrote:

Hello list,

Was wondering if anyone was using or knows of a service that is iOS and Windows cross platform compatible for recipe keeping?

I know on iOS there is Paprika which I paid for a  while back and all in all, it still seem to be the most comprehensive and accessible app on the iPhone, but playing a bit with their Windows desktop app and Jaws which is my main screen reader, accessibility seems a little rough. It’s currently on sale from $30 to $15 for the holidays.

Their “trial” version is free for as long as you want to use it it looks like and the paid one simply unlocks features like unlimited cloud syncing, etc.

I know I can write the Paprika folks about some of the accessibility stuff and considering how accessible the iOS app is, maybe they’d be open to implementing some fixes, but that aside, I’d like to be able to use something now.

So… is anyone using an alternative service that has an accessible iOS app and can be used on Windows? Doesn’t even need to be a standalone desktop app like what Paprika offers. Even a simple web interface would do. Mainly looking for something that can offer synchronicity across devices. I’m also aware of a slap together method of having a folder with just recipes in a cloud based service with text files, but am looking for something more feature rich like what Paprika has. And on the other hand, if someone’s in fact using the Windows desktop app and doesn’t find it to be all that difficult to use, I’m open to being persuaded. Just don’t feel like dropping $15 or $30 right away on something that may or may not work for me.




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