Re: modified electric perkins brailler

Josh Kennedy

Well, as you know the canute is out, and it does not emboss. It is just a multiLine braille display. I thought of something else, could a raspberry pie computer be set up as a linux print server and added to the perkins electric brailler? Some more connections would have to be made inside the perkins electric brailler so it could be controlled by the raspberry pie computer. But the advantage of using a raspberry pie would be the electric perkins brailler could be a wifi or bluetooth embosser. It could then also have on-board translation using liblouis, perhaps. Or you could turn translation off and just use braille blaster. The raspberry pie computer could have the added bonus of talking to tell you, new line, insert new page, printing complete. To keep costs down the high quality rh-voice could be used. An electric perkins brailler costs around $995 united states dollars. And a raspberry pie computer board costs around $35 o so united states dollars. And you can get linux print server software for free. I'm not sure how much the extra connections would cost so that the electric brailler would be partially controlled by the raspberry pie computer. But if Kyle is on this list, maybe he could chime in here. Kyle, the guy from the Carolinas in the united states who is really into Linux stuff. You may know who I am talking about... Electric perkins braillers are more affordable and much more durable and long-lasting than even the most basic braille embossers. Plus, parts for electric perkins braillers are easily obtainable. You can buy them and fix your brailler if you know what you are doing. Or have an electric brailler fixed for around $200 united states dollars. The modified electric brailler would be for quick short printing jobs. School notes, and other everyday print quick-print-jobs, 20 or 30 pages at the most. Are there any companies out there who would modify the electric perkins brailler with a raspberry pie board and the needed connections for basic computer embossing? Because its a perkins brailler you would have to be there to advance the line as instructed by the tts, and change pages but at least you could get short documents onto paper. 

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