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Hi Josh,
at this time we don't sell kit. You can found all mechanical stuff at a 3D printer reseller and you still have to cut the plywood and print the plastic part. 
You can emboss graphics (SVG format) with the BrailleRap application available on github. 
For Braille Text we made a driver for NatBraille. Has i can see Braille Blaster is also open source so we can plan to make the appropriate driver to use BrailleRap with Braille Blaster.
BrailleRap work well with 21mmx29,7mm max paper, so i think 8.5x11 will work. 
Best Regards

Stephane Godin

Le lun. 9 déc. 2019 à 22:59, Josh Kennedy <> a écrit :
Josh Kennedy
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Hello, Can I purchase a brailleRap embosser? Will it work with 8.5 by 11 inch braille paper? Does it emboss tactile graphics, or just braille text? Last, will it work with the free Braille Blaster software?
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