Re: chrome, brave, opera, why?

Michael Mote

Hi David. I am currently using both Chrome and Brave. I recently discovered Brave, and so far, I like it. It advertises that it blocks adds and other unnecessary content. It has a mobile version just like Chrome. I personally don't like Firefox. It's too slow, and should be faster than it is. Other browser creators have figured that part out, but Firefox hasn't for some reason. It's fully useable by someone running JAWS, and you may find that it works for you. It can't hurt to try them all and see which one fits your needs. For me right now, Chrome is 1, followed by Brave.

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I'm looking for an IE replacement. I've got chrome on the list but honestly I don't like it's autocomplete addressbar stuff, in my personal opinion I do not feel browsers should remember things like that.

What I'm looking for is privacy focussed, preferably with add blocking support, secure, and fast!

I was wondering which to go with, Chrome despite it's annoyances, brave, or opera, or is there another, and why?

This is primarily for the pc/laptop so win10, but I would also for consistency sake most likely be using the same browser on the phone if it's accessible there.

Thanks for any recommendations.

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