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Joe Giovanelli

Thanks, Gene. I'll give it a go next time I have the computer on.

Joe, W2PVY

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The description of what the commands do very strongly implies that they are all screen-reader commands. a sighted person can just look at the page and see where a table is, or any other structure. Any command that speaks and tells you a structure is almost certain to be a screen-reader command unless you are using a self-voicing application.

The System Access pass through command is system Access key, whichever insert you want to use or capslock and, while holding the key, press f3. You havbe to do this before every command you want passed to the application. The command only affects the next key pressed.

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Hi all,

I dunnow about Chrome, but SA has kaystrokes for passing a keystroke
through to an application. Check under the help features of SA.

Ann P.

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