Re: Seeking accessible disk cloning application

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

I think mine is the 2009 model.  It is the iPod Classic 6th gen, model A1238 with the 80gb hard drive, which I replaced with an iFlash Solo, and I am using a 256gb SDXC card in the iFlash.  It is a lot more responsive than it was with the 80gb hard drive.  I have a ton of jazz and lots of books on it.


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iPod with Rockbox? How old is this thing?


On 12/10/2019 12:26 PM, Steven Johnson wrote:

Hi Steve.  Believe it or not, IFW worked like a charm cloning my iPod, and allowing me to restore the image to a 256gb SD card.  I got the version with linux and DOS functionality, ran it in its simple mode to back up the iPod, then I simply used IFW to restore the image to an SD card.  I placed it back into the iFlash, snapped the iPod back together, and my dual boot loader set to start with Rockbox came right up.  The only thing I had to do was extend the 74.34gb partition to include the unallocated space on the SD card to use its full capacity.  I love this application.


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