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Other than simply rebooting the machine no, I haven't noticed anything, but it has been doing this from time to time for a few or more months now maybe.

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Hi Group,

I am not quite sure just when this began. I have been running the beta
of Winamp--supposedly to be released soon as a fully renovated program
for over two years now.

In the past few days, when I double click on an mp3 or other audio file
in the windows explorer window, Winamp launches but nothing plays. If I
right click and choose 'open with' and then Winamp, then the music plays.

I checked the default programs under settings/set default programs and
all the pertinent file types: mp3, wave, ogg, ETC. are supposedly
associated with Winamp.
I am using Windows ten and I have been using it for years now.

What could cause this? Is there a solution?

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