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john s

I don't use JAWS so I'm wondering if it is a timing or cursor delay issue?

At 07:24 AM 12/15/2019, Dave Mitchel, wrote:
make sure your screen is maximized. I use windows live mail and this occurs on occasion with that program and it is usually as simple as making sure of maximization. hope it helps....and I fully agree there are things jaws can do instead of the "top heavy" crap they put into their screen reader.

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Good morning all,

I have a question for you all. Let me explain.

I have rarely used Jaws for anything except heavy editing in MSWord.
In anticipation of having a student who needs tech help with Jaws, I
loaded it up on my win10 box and am playing with it.

Do you find that Jaws has a tendency of not keeping up with things
going on in Outlook? Does your Jaws read you the title of the previous
message when you move on to the next entry in the folder summary? It
doesn't matter if I'm replying to a message and send it, or if I just
read a message and delete or move it. Jaws reads me the title of the
message I've just read instead of the next entry. I'm finding that I
have to stop Jaws speaking and then read the current line to get rid of
this problem. What's with Jaws that it does this? Are you all putting
up with this aberrant behavior?

System Access doesn't do this. Window-Eyes didn't do this. NVDA
doesn't do this. Why hasn't Vispero fixed this instead of making their
offering more top heavy? Have they lost the ability to do plain
ordinary screen reader functions?

I'm just curious. If all the other screen readers with which I'm
familiar don't do this, then why would I as a consumer, continue to
patronize a product that didn't do ordinary screen reader functions?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Ann P.

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