Re: 6 or 8 port USB hub needed

Troy Burnham

Thanks James I'll take a look after church. I likely will get it though especially since some of the ones I saw were over $60.


On 12/15/2019 8:47 AM, James Bentley wrote:
Hi Troy,

Here is a link to a $40, Sabrent 10-port powered USB hub at Amazon.

It has 7 USB data ports and 3 charging ports that are each rated at 2.4 amps
Of course the charging ports will also transfer data but they are there for rapid charging of smart phones and tablets. And, some devices like some scanners need power to operate.

This powered hub can be used without the power adaptor if you only need to transfer data. For example, thumb drives do not need power. but it will not provide enough power for devices that need a lot of power unless it is plugged in to an electrical outlet.

This hub has thousands of very high reviews. It has a 2 year warranty if you register the product. No registration means you only get a one year warranty.

Amazon has cheaper and more expensive models but this highly rated model looks very good to me.

I saw one powered hub with 16 ports but, that is major over kill for almost all of us.

Here is the Amazon link:

Have fun shopping.

James Bentley

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Hi Chris,

Maybe a stupid question, I assume the data transfer ports are what I use
to run my devices but what are the quick charge ports used for? Maybe I
have that backward and the quick charge ports are what run my devices
but either way my question stands.

It's been a long time since I've bought a hub, and I think the largest
one I have has 4 ports and I don't remember it mentioning some of the
ports being used for different things when I bought it.


On 12/15/2019 5:24 AM, chris judge wrote:
Hi Troy. I bought my USB hub from amazon. It has 8 ports, four are quick charge ports and 4 our data transfer. This does require you plug the hub in to a power supply, but UsB hubs that aren't powered will not run everything properly. Remember, you are drawing off one of the computers USB ports to run many devices, thus the need for the powered Hub.
My hub has on/off buttons for each port so you can turn them off if you aren't using them.

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Subject: [TechTalk] 6 or 8 port USB hub needed

Hi all,

I want to buy a USB hub with either 6 or 8 ports, but I want one that I can just plug into the USB port on my laptop and it'll work without needing to be charged. I've just been looking on amazon and I can't tell which one or ones I should be looking at though, is there anything in the description I should be looking for that'll tell me if it'll need to be charged every so often or not?



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