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Troy Burnham

Thanks Mike, I only have my phone paired with the keyboard and earlier today I got it working again by hitting I guess it was the f2 key twice. Anyway it was the second key on the top row of keys, when my mom showed me what button to press to pair it when I first got it she just showed me the right thing to press but didn't tell me what it was. Apparently I had inadvertently pressed a key, likely when I took it out of the drawer I keep it in after forgetting to turn it off the last time I used it before then.


On 12/17/2019 5:12 PM, Mike B wrote:

The K-380 batteries, are not, rechargeable / it uses regular triple A batteries.  The keyboard is supposed to turn itself off after X amount of time of not being used.
As for the On / Off swithch.  When the switch is closest to you, this is the, Off, position.
When the switch is pushed away from you, this is the, On, position.
Try turning the keyboard off for a few seconds, then turn it back on to see if it'll reconnect.  To connect to the 1st device it was paired to press the, F1, key.  To pair to the 2nd device press the, F2, key, and press, F3, for the 3rd device.

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Hi all,

Can the battery be charged in the Logitech K380 bluetooth keyboard? I
don't know if I left my keyboard on or what but I can't make it work
this morning.

Also, is the on/off switch closer to me or away from me when the
keyboard is on? I can never remember so if I left it on yesterday that's



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