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Greg Wocher

I have an Orbit Reader and I love it. The braille on it is very good. This is important for me because I am a type one diabetic and my finger tips are not that sensative anymore. Also for reading the Orbit reader has an autoscroll function. You can set it to advance the display every so many seconds.

Greg Wocher

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Thanks for your comments, Ann.

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Hi all,

Hmmm, this is Saturday. Me thinks Santa will have to put an IOU under the
tree. Don't think either device will arrive by Christmas.

However, I like the Orbit for reading. It's comfortable in the hands and
works well. The quality of the braille on the Orbit is excellent.

Ann P.

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Hi group,
A friend is trying to decide if she should get a BrailleMe or an Orbit
Reader. First, she is wondering if the quality and consistency of the
braille on the BrailleMe is good, as this was an issue with some of
the early units. She is interested in hearing pros and cons of both
the BrailleMe and the Orbit Reader. Her main use is for reading,
little editing and will most likely not be using it as a display pared
with a screen reader.
Please post quickly as her husband wants to gift one of these to her
for Christmas.
Thanks, Season's Greetings,

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