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Mike’s issue is resolved – someone suggested on Win10 forum that this has to do with verbosity, and changing it did the trick.




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If there isn't such a setting or there is a reason not to use it, using read current line is likely to do what you want.  I use read current line when I delete a message in the message list of my e-mail program.  Without doing so after deleting the message, a lot of extraneous information is announced.  Doing so reads only what I want to hear. 


The same is true for using the screen-reader's search on a web page. 


You can experimenbt to see just when you want to issue the command after you do things like initiate a search and delete a message.



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Hi mike,

This is not really extra jabbering by jaws but the names of the
sub-options under each of those cotegories. so once you press enter on
a particular category, those would be the sub-sections that you would
find under those if you press enter & then press tab to examin the

thank you,


On 12/21/19, Mike B <mb69mach1@...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Running Win10 P 1909,18363.535 & Jaws.  When I press Windows key + I to go
> to settings, then navigate to the various categories Jaws reads abunch of
> stuff about each category, like below.
>  Jaws reports:
> System,  Display, sound, notifications, power
> Devices,  Bluetooth, printers, mouse
> Phone,  Link your Android, iPhone
> Network & Internet,  Wi-Fi, airplane mode, VPN
> I have tips, tricks and suggestions turned off under Settings /
> Notifications, but Jaws is still jabbering all this verbiage.  Is there
> something else that needs to be turned off to stop all this excessive
> jabbering, so Jaws only announces the category?  Thanks much.
> Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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