Re: Does block messages?

joseph hudson <jhud7789@...>

Jean, charter a.k.a. Spectrum has blocked messages. This member needs to check to see if he has received a email from to clear his bouncing status if not, I recommend him changing his email address temporarily if he has another one that he can use.

joseph hudson

Technology support for the blind or better known as Mack, IOS and Windows support

FaceTime, iMessage, and email

Telephone/what's up messenger


Emergency cell




On Dec 24, 2019, at 2:17 PM, Gene <> wrote:

A member who uses wrote to me saying he hasn't received any list mail for quite some time. Aside from possibly going to a spam folder, I wonder if is one of these companies people have problems with concerning If this is a problem with that provider, it appears the person should get a different provider for mail. Google does well with it.


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