Re: turning off adblockers for certain sites

Troy Burnham

Is there a way in windows 10 to find the names of running programs? As I said I don't know the name of the adblocker I'm running, just that I'm pretty sure I found it on the monthly software list from this list. Without knowing the name I have no way at least that I know of to get to it and open it. It's not listed in the add/remove programs section.


On 12/29/2019 7:38 AM, Gene wrote:
I haven't worked enough with add-ons in Chrome to tell you how to work with them.  But add-ons in any program are found in the program itself, not in Windows areas such as programs and features.  They are things you add to the program itself, add-ons, as the name says.  Thus, if you want to remove or disable an add-on in NVdA or Chrome, you work with the actual program itself. 
Knowing that will allow you not to waste time looking where you won't find them.
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Hi all,

Sorry I don't remember what adblocker I'm running and I can't find it in
the list of programs on my laptop, but I know I got it from the
suggested software list that is automatically sent from this list monthly.

I have a site I want to access, it's, but the site tells me
that I need to disable my adblocker. Can anyone help? Btw I'm running
windows 10 and my browser is google chrome, and I'm running the latest
version of jaws 2019 if that matters but I also have the latest NVDA
installed. The person who told me about this site said that it does run
well with google chrome.


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