Re: Alcatel flip phone alarm setting

Amy Gordon

So is the Alcatell flip phone pretty accessable otherwise for a blind
person and does it work on verizon? Jujst wondering for a friend.

On 12/31/19, Pamela Dominguez <pammygirl99@...> wrote:
I can tell you that I have set the alarm twice, but it wasn’t easy to do.
The first time, I was able to set it for the time I wanted. The second
time, it didn’t work at all. Then,I was able to set it once again. But I
can say that it is strange to try to set, and to me, it doesn’t really make
any sense. I have the alcatel 4044, which I think is close to the flip go
3. I haven’t figured out what made me able to set it the times I did, and
what made me unable to do it the other times. Pam.

From: Gene
Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 12:18 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] Alcatel flip phone alarm setting

I just got the Alcatel (spelling) Go Flip 3, I believe is the name. its
very close if it isn't quite correct. My old phone stopped working. I
haven't figured out how to set the alarm, which I attribute to the
screen-reader not reading the interface properly. the manual is useless.
It tells you how to get into the interface, which I had already figured out,
but says nothing about how to work with it. It must be glaringly obvious to
a sighted person.

If this problem can't be solved, does anyone have a recommendation on a very
loud alarm clock?


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