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Unless it improved in the last six or eight months, Pureflix has some serious accessibility issues. I dropped it because it once was accessible on both my iPhone and iPad as well as my Apple TV. It was also accessible on my PC. When I cancelled the service it was no longer accessible on any of my devices other than the PC and that was only marginal and not very good.
I spoke to several people at Pureflix and they were aware of the issue and encouraged several blind individuals including myself to get a refund for our service rather than work toward accessibility.
I hope they changed or will change soon. They had some good family friendly content on there.

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Hi My name is Andrew. I had a tech question is net flicks excessible through the computer? does it get access ed through windows is that aplication excessible also there is another one a that is more of a christian or faith one calledpier flicks do you know if it is blind friendly?

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