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Richard <thegothot@...>

Hi Vicki,
It sounds like you need to check your program defaults,
and make sure that your e-mail client is the default for all e-mail actions.
It's possible that an update to Chrome has changed the settings.


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I have both Windows 7 and 10, and no, I haven't changed my browser in
months. I am using Chrome.

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Hi Vicki,
What version of Windows are you using?
Have you changed your default browser by chance?

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Subject: [TechTalk] reposting E-mail Question

I am having a strange issue with e-mail links within e-mails the last few

My default e-mail is a comcast e-mail, and until a few days ago, when I
would open a link within an e-mail to send a message to someone, my
address would be the e-mail address that replied. I will give an example
a moment.

Now when I try to use an e-mail address within an e-mail, it will go to
gmail page and want to use my gmail address to send that e-mail.

I checked my account settings and they are all set as before and my
address is my default address.

Here is an example, since I know this may be confusing.

I get an e-mail from Susan and within Susan's e-mail, there is an e-mail
address link, such as jenny@....

I want to send an e-mail to Jenny, so I click on her e-mail link, and
instead of opening up a new e-mail from my comcast address to Jenny, it
opens up a gmail page and shows that page as the one associated with my
gmail account.

If I copy and paste the e-mail address to Jenny instead of clicking it
directly, I can then open a new e-mail, paste in her address and it comes
from my comcast address as it should.

What could be making the e-mail links within my e-mail suddenly begin
opening a gmail page with my gmail account?



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