Re: contacting UPS with no package info

Robin Frost

The only way I think you can specify drop off location specifically on your property is to subscribe to UPS My Choice. It's an annual subscription around $45 a year but it allows you to automatically upgrade sure post packages I.E. ones that pass through UPS but finish their journey through your mail carrier to UPS all the way which usually gets it there a day earlier. You also get more detailed tracking and as I said you get to specify where on your property they leave the parcel. It's no guarantee of course but it can ehlp with such matters. Though as you did indicate the presence of a sign indicating a dog on the premises perhaps that is why the driver simply left it inside the gate and didn't proceed any further. That's not to say that there aren't times when drivers are just lacks heaven knows I've had my share of incidents with Amazon Logistics but such a sign could give people in such industries pause and I can understand why.
Other things I use to mitigate such situations are the use of package tracking apps such as Parcel App and Parcel Track to alert me in a reasonable amount of time that a package has arrived. Then using Aira to locate it can also come in handy.
I hope that helps.

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From: Troy Burnham
Sent: Friday, January 3, 2020 10:11 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] contacting UPS with no package info

Hi all,

I need to contact UPS to see if there's any way they can make a note to
have the delivery person knock on the door when something is delivered
but I'm not expecting anything in the near future so I don't have any
tracking numbers. When I called the toll-free UPS number this morning I
wasn't able to talk to a person because none of the options the
automated system gave me applied, does anybody know any way I can
contact them then or am I going to have to wait until I order something
again and have a tracking number?

A package was delivered last night, and since we have a fence with a
sign on the gate about a dog being on the premises the item was just
dropped inside the gate and it happened to be raining. It's just a good
thing that the shipping package was plastic so the item wasn't hurt.


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