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Samuel Wilkins

I've had a look at the drop scale, it sounds really good.  Can it be obtained in the UK?

On 02/01/2020 17:50, Cristóbal wrote:
That... is not practical in the least.
The only stand alone talking kitchen scales that can weigh to the gram that
I am aware of are the My Weigh Vox talking kitchen scales. I did have a
Cobalt talking kitchen scale back in the day, but it only weighed to the
tenth of the ounce. Unacceptable if you want/need accurate measurements.
The only bad thing is that at least in my experience is that the My Weigh
scales are super unreliable as far as durability. Others say that they've
had their scales for years, but I was always having to swap mine out every
few weeks or so. It got to the point that I just got a bluetooth enabled
kitchen scale that I use with my iPhone. It's the Drop Scale from Get Drop. They're also sold on Amazon. This scale weighs to the tenth
of the gram and in nearly 2 years now, has held up like a champ. I've only
had to change the $5 battery once.
The iOS app is completely accessible as far as the scale goes and announces
the weight in real time.
My preference would be of course to have a stand alone talking kitchen
scale, but alas, I'm not aware of anything beyond the crappy Vox scales. The
Drop scale if you have an iOS device might be something you could look into.
It connects pretty fast and all in all, it's not a real inconvenience to use
with your iPhone or anything.
If there is in fact another option out there for a talking kitchen scale,
I'd be happy to hear about it.
Good luck.


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Use a item of known weighht. Adjust the results for other items

On Thu, 2 Jan 2020, Samuel Wilkins wrote:

Hello all, for a while, I have been looking for some good talking
kitchen scales that I can obtain in the UK.?? I have some very old
ones from Cobolt Systems, but have heard that they are not very
Can anyone recommend any scales that provide accurate measurements???
Thank you.



Samuel Wilkins

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