Re: Drop Box Issue

lynn white

Ah brother Steve, that worked.  Thank you.

On 1/7/2020 12:36 PM, Steve Matzura wrote:
This is done in the Dropbox Settings window. Find the icon in the system tray, and from its menu, tab to "Open Dropbox preferences." Then tab through the dialog, it's a lotta lotta tabs,until you find a control that says "open Dropbox in." This is a combo box control. Arrow through it until you find the choice that includes the word "Explorer," and press ENTER to close the dialog. The next time you activate the Dropbox Desktop icon, it will open in a standard File Explorer window.


On 1/7/2020 11:30 AM, lynn white wrote:
Can someone explain how to get Drop Box reading correctly?  On one of my machines, it's treating the folders and files like some type of header which is making things very tedious.  Thanks.

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